Desert Shoot

Fun Time in the desert with Brianna Barnes by Daniel Garibay

This post is kinda late, but yet i still want to share with you. A awhile back i had a model contact me in regards to maybe setting up a shoot. We had a mutual friend that gave mer my number.  We chatted for awhile, she said she want to do some thing in the style of shooting in a open desert kinda area. Of course i know the best place LOL #Scarybarn . I get excited about setting up a random shoot with a person i have know idea what they look like, never seen in person before.   the day came and we met in person and she is so kinda and funny, was a pleasure to work with her, had so much fun. We shot inside the barn and around the ranch in diffrent spots. The gear i used , Canon 7d, Porfoto B2 with the OCF Beauty Dish and it was awesome.  Also used the Sun for light, people say you can not shoot mid day in bright sun. i say they are just scared to use there camera in a more difficult lighting setting. Well hope like the pics.

Model : Brianna Barnes