Fun Time in the desert with Brianna Barnes by Daniel Garibay

This post is kinda late, but yet i still want to share with you. A awhile back i had a model contact me in regards to maybe setting up a shoot. We had a mutual friend that gave mer my number.  We chatted for awhile, she said she want to do some thing in the style of shooting in a open desert kinda area. Of course i know the best place LOL #Scarybarn . I get excited about setting up a random shoot with a person i have know idea what they look like, never seen in person before.   the day came and we met in person and she is so kinda and funny, was a pleasure to work with her, had so much fun. We shot inside the barn and around the ranch in diffrent spots. The gear i used , Canon 7d, Porfoto B2 with the OCF Beauty Dish and it was awesome.  Also used the Sun for light, people say you can not shoot mid day in bright sun. i say they are just scared to use there camera in a more difficult lighting setting. Well hope like the pics.

Model : Brianna Barnes


These eyes can kill you by Daniel Garibay

Had my friend Alexia come by to model some of my mask i just made in order to get ready for halloween.  started to chat more and we ended to doing a fun creative rain shoot. Set up a ghetto rain set with a garden hose and broken sprinkler head and taped to the celling in my garage. We always have lots of fun..

Model: Alexia Rae Castillo

Mask: Cryptic Nine

Fitness in the Desert with Lauren Gish by Daniel Garibay

Awhile back i had the great pleasure working with a good friend (Lauren Gish)  of mine shooting some fun stuff. We thought of some other ideas but can to the conclusion of doing a fitness shoot. I knew of a really cool place up in the hills rite next to the aqua duct. so we hoop in the car drove on up. After some fun in the sun we came back home and played around in the back yard with some fun stuff.